Tuffast i stan

En såndär tråkig bild på blommor

Hjärtat slår ett extra slag

Bring the spring

2 pics från idag

Like you're oh so typical

Before and after

Nya örhängen för en tia

If I could tell you all about it

Dagens sanning:

Oh so ti-red

Baby, keep trying

And a one and a 2D

Skepp ohoj

My only sunshine


Tatatata tisdag

This is what makes us girls

Min humor =

I'll be on my way

True that, Gandhi

Shoes of spring

I want long, straight, curly, fuzzy

Just ride

Blue blue blue

yxi kaxi kolme nelje

Like a fucking dream

Today is the freaking day



Önskar mig:

Men seriöst, sluta.

Thanks a bunch


Pretty enough for me

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