While I'm floating.

Go ahead.

Trois milliards.

Where you might end up.

Plugghästens dagbok.

Time to switch bread!

♥ Internet.

Don't let your soul get lonely.

In my sleep.

The rest of the world has gone home.

Living a lie.

And flowers too.


Dagens i-landsproblem nr. 2.

Dagens i-landsproblem.

Timo och hans fina gitarr.

So sad.

Party with my pain.

Bang, bang - my baby shot me down.

In your heart, where the sadness grows.

Doesn't matter.

Turning around.



But if you look twice.

Waiting at the station.

They don't really care about us.

Anja ser ut som en ailien.

"Lite cirkus".

Aj, min tröja sticks.


This time: do the right thing.

So long.

You don't know me at all.


So what am I feeling?

Glad påsk!

These days I'm so tired.

Right back at you.

For what it's worth.

One thing.

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