Och tänk på annat.


All these endless nights.

So, don't worry.

I could be the apple of your eye.

Om jag ska dö.

När hela världen är radiostyrd.

Just a tiny bit.

Put it in your pocket.

Jag lägger på när ni ringer.

Strawberry fields forever.

In the middle.

"Men skicka potatisen!"

An introduction.


It's all or nothing.

What we know.

I don't know why.

If you can't tell the real me from the imaginary me.

"Och jag tänkte tyst för mig själv".

Åh, vädret! ♥

Old times.

So take me as I am.

Ensam är stark, vilket jävla skitsnack.

And forget the things that I knew.

I've got a little girl singing on repeat in my head.

Pieces of my heart.

I need something more.

In the morning.

This is the right time.

Run away!

Didn't I?

Or another.

I cry if I want to.

This is the thing.

I'm not fond of asking.

Love, oh love.

I'm not gonna sit in silence.

I can still be.

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