Fear no darkness.

Let me go on lovin' you.

"It's the way that you do it".

Lektion i hur man slösar sin tid:

"Inget konstigt alls".

Hello sparkles.

Mer sånt, tack.

"In your dreams"

Who's it gonna be? What am I gonna do as an outcast?

I won't let you leave me behind.

I had hope.


And I try to say that I'm sorry.

The game begins at seven.

It's up to you.

Och det finns inget jag kan göra förutom att ge tillbaka det till dig.


Of today:

When you're feeling tired.

Hate to say I told you so.

I used to be blond and stupid.

Never again.


And presidents don't know how to fight.

I'm just a simple girl.


It's okey.

This video may contain swears.

Visst: fem mil till stan och sen fem mil kvar till havet.

I want my heart unbroken.

Keep on walking.

Du tror du känner mig så bra.

This time tomorrow.

Does that make me crazy?


Here we go again.

Far away from home.

I was aiming for the sky.

I'm on my best behaviour.

'Cause I want you.


Film jag vill se:

Don't release me from your spell.

I've been told.

So come on and hurt me.

Jag glömde hur det var.

So they say.



All by myself.

One more.

Jag vill va' din "en på miljonen".

Cry me a river (or: laugh me a sea).

It's like forgetting.

När faller du för tanken som har burit allt det där?

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