Don't make it harder.

And I walk in your direction again.

Det handlar om dig.

Finns det en så finns det flera.

Dagens citaaat:

Världens finaste Sara.


Stand up.

Jag är högt över molnen.

But of course.

Point out.

And that's that.

Ursäkta min franska.

Travel into this and that.

Just call my name.

But not the heat.

You can argue baby but we’re damaged goods for good.

Tick of time.

The moment.

3, 2, 1,

Höj volymen.

About me.

Med dig blir jag mindre, som gubben i lådan.

Samlar på saker som glänser.

To escape.

"Din rörde på sig!"

When it all just falls apart.

It's the real thing.

Silhouette of Sillanpää.

Vems lilla hjärta flyger?

I won't be left.

And he'll never leave me like you.

Jag är där jag kan berätta.

I'm so freeeakin' cool, just watch me!

You got your head among the clouds.

Picks you up and turns you around.

And when I see you.

And what I'm about to do.

Different now, every step feels like a mile.

Fall like dominos.

"I was even awesome, when I was a baby"

I'm in love with the world.

En annan månad men samma sak.

Into the night.

Where do I begin.

I dina ögon, var det lättare att va.

Vad du än förutspår.


We won't care at all.

Seen it all.

So watch me when I hit the ground.

La valse des monstres.

Here comes the sun.

Sur le fil.

Just so you know.

Heads up.

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