Come pick me up.

Som om pulsen slutar slå.

Aug. 29, 2011

Face another day.

GBG & Gideon.

Lost in space.

All of the lights.

Always changing side.

The only way.

Enough about this place.


So I should care.

When I get to that high top.


Då får dom ändå börja om.

Lika lycklig som du var.

Jag sålde min själ för 20 spänn.

Wake up.

No dragon you'll have to kill.

All that I am.

We got it.


Give in tomorrow.

Start talking.

And never stops at all.

While I'm wasting my time.

Just a scratch on my ego.

I just want you to show.

Under progress.

I'm gonna make you stay.

Totally honest.

Move from this place.

That I never knew.

No he was never around.



Told me to get lost.

"I'm an elf?!"

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