Det är 25 samtal före.

Varning för svordomar nu igen:

Sedan förrförra våren.

I've been here.

Baby, you can drive my car.

The buildings around.

Just like that.

I need a dollar.

Och du kan inte fånga mig.

What are you waiting for?

It's a good week.

You're the one I really, really love.

I'm gonna be your Stepford wife.

All I'm saying.

The show must go on.

Du tänker högt och viftar armar.

And the world keeps turning.

Good morning sunshine.

Some time.

You always made it clear.

Do I move you?

Keep it together.

Sun in the sky.

In the house.


Take me over, take me out.

Oh lord: please don't let me be misunderstood.

Försök att överträffa det igen.

My spirit's to low.

Could be dangerous.

I was only waiting for the sky to fall down.

Känner av.

Get lower than you.

Hon har nåt som håller händerna varma.

Le loup la biche.

When will it stop?

Just as simple.


Let them near you.

I had it waiting for me.

I swear.

But life's a bitch.

Det kunde lika gärna varit jag.

So light.

Take one: action.

It doesn't really mean that I'm into you.

Vi kan starta på noll.

Almost ten years.

I would still be rich.

How to make a Sunday sparkle.

What tomorrow brings.

Split my personality.

Without a trace.

If this is like it is.

I'm not trying to be rude.

I just came to say hello.

We do it right.

The way it goes.

In my hand.

I'm disgusted.

I'm gonna do right by you.

Look for me.

Drop it to the ground.

Of course.


Första januari.

This is the year.

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