Utkast: Sept. 30, 2011

En svårighet med drömmen.

That's how I work.

Most of all.

This is a promise with a catch.

Bring me back.

The surprise is on me.

In his heart.

Get every bastard from the past.

I started to dance, remember?

All I'm asking.

H&M, jag älskar dig också ♥.

A little less conversation.

On the right track.

Now you're just somebody I used to know.

Oooooh my.

Guess the joke's on me.

All the walls.

Dålig humor.

Jag gick vidare, du gick i lås.

Ett helt sammanhängande inlägg:


A little stupid.

"Fancy a drink?"

Det du är räddast för fast ingen vet det.


Tre saker som behöver uppdateras:

There is something missing.

"He's also a kid".

Words I'd like to use.

The best of you.


Like cages.

Having an argument with myself.

Be someone.

I have planted it here now.

Fakta of today:

You don't wanna miss that.

Tredje september.

It might be you.

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