It's like an echo in my head.

Det jag vet.

Just as irritating.

Never meaning to end.

Malmeee (igen).

Och skorna skaver.

'Cause it only makes me sad, yes.

It's just another rainy sunday afternoon.


Det ekar genom hela staden.

Och när jag tänker så, så tänker jag på dig.

Lucy in the sky with the diamonds.

Oh how I wish.

Secretly on your side.

That you'll ever know.

Happy B-day!

And it's all 'cause of you.

"Om det här INTE varit en spionfilm..."

I'm gone, I'm going.

When I know what it is.


It would be so bright and warm.

"Vill ha och vill ha!? Kan be att få heter det."

In the house I'd own.



I sing out of tune.

You've said enough.


And it's driving me crazy.

If you really don't mean them.

I leave the good and bad behind.

The party is in my head.

When presented like a genie who does magic like Houdini.

Some imagined freedom.

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