Passing time.


This time with you.

På allt.


1:a advent.

Just for show.



They're not going.

All my loving.

And just like that.

Så brukar allt bli.


Know the feeling.

The time of my life.

Here's the thing.

And love the chaos.


I did tell her.

Allting kan hända, men det gör det inte.

Survival 101.

He took a step.

I won't settle for just one.

The words right through my skin.

You are my sister.

Man kan ju inte bli annat än glad:

It's just a memory.

You, me, both.

I'm a god damn fool, but then again - so are you.

To be or not to be.

Je suis perdu sans toi.

To hide this way.

Safe and sound.

Så mycket bättre:

If only I could.

Nobody here knows my name.

Look me in the heart.

Of forgotten things.

And when I close my eyes.


After you've gone.

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